Thursday, June 13, 2013

Birthday Party with the Drama Crowd

What happens when you get a bunch of drama kids together for a birthday party? Drama of course.  Whenever this group of kids get together it is all about the drama, even at a birthday party. The games consisted of theatre related activities like improv. 

In the above pic you will find Grace and her doughnut birthday cake. Neither of my kids are fans of regular birthday cake. Pinterest to the rescue. All doughnuts were consumed and nothing to bring home and tempt me.

This is a great group of kids. It being summer this is only about half of our drama group. Lots of folks out of town or with other commitments. One of the games I planned was the Cheeto Head Game. From the picture you can probably figure out how the game works. Fun was had by all and another birthday rolls around until next year.

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Jessica said...

Fun (and yummy!)!!