Saturday, June 8, 2013

Homemade Dog Food

What do you do when you forget to pick up dog food at the store when you go out and realize it the minute you walk into the door? Also town is like 20 minutes away and with the price of gas I really didn't want to go back out again. In my case I made homemade dog food. Hubby found a recipe online for me last year and believe it or not I waited this long to try it out. We cannot remember who we got it from so sorry for showing no credit.

Last year Scott was all about buying extra of everything and storing it for a rainy day. So as I was walking in the door today and remembering that I didn't stop to purchase dog food I thought it meant going back out to town later today. Then a"light bulb" moment happened and I realized everything was in my freezer and pantry to make the dog food recipe. Ingredients that were included are bouillon cubes, canned chicken, green beans, and white rice. The green beans were in the freezer from last summer's garden and everything else came from the pantry storage. I kind of tweaked my own recipe. Three cups of white rice, a gallon freezer bag of green beans, two cans of chicken, and a few bouillon cubes to flavor it up a bit. The dogs loved it. Of course it was still warm and probably seemed like what we were eating for dinner. I felt sure they would leave the green beans even though I cut them into small pieces, but everything was gone. The recipe calls to feed the dogs twice a day. There was enough for the next two days and more to freeze for later in the week. I even have some leftover rice that tomorrow I hope to make a concoction with canned tuna and cook carrots. The recipe recommends using chicken, turkey, tuna, beef, or eggs. Different veggies could be used too but try to stay away from corn and lima beans which don't digest well. Of course always check with your veterinarian before trying. I will not use this all the time but maybe once week out of every month to save on buying so much dog food.

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Fran said...

This sounds really good. We often feed Alfie chicken and rice, but this sounds a bit more wholesome. Am definitely going to give it a go x

Working Mom said...

These are great recipes...we feed our dog a raw diet - mostly raw meat/chicken/turkey and raw eggs. I have been meaning to add some things to his diet and you just sparked than kick I needed! I especially like the tuna recipe - our dog will not eat fish, but maybe mixed with other things he will. Thanks for the idea!

Karen said...

This looks really good Diane. I always hate giving Nomad dog food. It just looks so unappetizing. Does this make 1 serving?

Audra Silva said...

I like this--simple but so nice for them. :)