Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

This week felt like we got quite a bit accomplished. School went along as planned. We worked on history, art, math, science, Bible, writing, and reading. A couple of new review products have been worked in to our schedule that look very promising and I will write more about them at a later date. I will have to say that my favorite thing this week was working through The Who Am I Series from Apologia. I just love anything that Apologia puts out, but the series is so great for young minds.

 We all recovered from the sleepover party from last weekend and actually had some snow on Saturday night. Lots of extra stuff outside of the home took place this week. Cooperative on Tuesday was very busy. My art class studied Mondrian and did an art project. Aladdin practice is moving right along but Grace was bummed because she didn't do anything in class or on the stage. She is the Genie and her director doesn't want her in the opening scene. The director wants her to make a grand entrance when she gets out of the bottle. Wednesday found us at Youth Service meeting making Valentine cards for the residents of an assisted living center we will be visiting next week. This is a great group of kids and I always enjoy spending time with them. Thursday we headed over for Grace's Essay Class and Mixed Media Art Class. She has a fab teacher and always enjoys her time there. Today Grace attended her Electricity Class and learned about conductors and insulators through a Fudge Factory Simulation power outage. After class we went to Chickfila and had a great lunch. Exercise has been going well for me up until a couple of days ago and my heels started bothering me again. This happened before and I had to stop exercising which I refuse to do this time. I started icing my heels, stretching, and bought some special insoles to for my shoes. So far it is working. I posted my first review for the new year with TOS Review Crew. Lots more to come. Tomorrow we are heading out to do some serious shopping for costumes for Aladdin and Momocon (an anime convention).

Be sure to visit Kris over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see what other families did this week.


Nicole said...

BUSY week, Diane! But so great! Hope you are recharging this weekend!

Erin D said...

Super busy week! What's she going to Momocon as? My friend's daughter went to Comicon as Sailor Moon and had a blast.

Like Nicole said, hope you're recharging. Don't push the heels too far.

Karen said...

We love any thing Apologia too. I will have to check out "The Who Am I" series! Keilee's theater group is doing Aladdin this summer. I will look forward to seeing pictures!! Happy Sunday Diane. It is cold and rainy here in Decatur, but no snow!