Thursday, February 21, 2013

Graphic Arts Study Continue

Today we continued working in the Graphic Arts mini unit study and I think I actually saw a spark of an interested child today. That is really saying something for Grace. I can count on one hand since coming home from public school in 2nd grade the education sparks that have occurred. People may think I am exaggerating but I am totally telling the truth. This morning we printed out the photos of the products she chose at the grocery store to break down graphically. We decided to stay with one type of food (packaged cookies) to make it easier. Once you start breaking down the background, chosen colors and font, graphics or pictures - you start to realize the methods behind what the graphic artists do. Researching color on the net gave us a plethora of information on what each color represents and why it is chosen. Color choices are hugely important to any product, campaign, etc. Grace made the statement and I agreed that after doing this study it will make us look differently at all the products in the stores and how the packaging came about. The project for today is to create an imaginary food product and then create packaging for it from what we learned today and observed in the grocery store yesterday.
Grace started the project but is still working on it. I think she will do it digitally with her new Sketchpad Pro software. Grace decided on a healthy soft drink as her creation. As soon as we are finished I will post the finished product.
The next graphic arts project will be to create a magazine. I picked up the two books in the above picture at the library today to help accomplish this project. I am quite positive that Grace will chose to create a manga/anime magazine. She is always frustrated with the fact that every manga/anime magazine she comes across has too many inappropriate items in it to actually purchase.
Today Grace also attended her favorite art class with her absolute favorite art teacher. On today's agenda was portraiture. When I came in to pick her up what is normally a very loud bunch of kids...but today you could hear a pin drop as everyone was concentrating on their work.

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