Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - Valentine's Week

This week seemed to be all about the Valentines. On Monday we attended a Valentine's Party at a good friend's house. We visited with some great home schooling moms and ate lots of great treats. 

Wednesday saw us at another Valentine's Party that we hosted at an assisted living home. That was
very rewarding and fun. All the residents were so nice to us. 

On Monday all I scheduled for school was art. Grace did some art projects out of two books we are reviewing and we read about an children's book illustrator's life. How she got started in the business, etc. The above picture was from another art lesson she did yesterday.

Some of the subjects we learned about this week were, in no particular order:
World War II
Area of Polygons
Who Am I Devotions
Early European Villages/Stonehenge
Roger Williams and Deciphering Codes
Olympic Peninsula 
Prepositional Phrases
Seals and Sea Cows

Classes Grace Attended:
Mixed Media Art
Art History
Beginner Essay Writing

Other Activities:
Hosted party at assisted living facility
Attended another Valentine's party
Attended Worship Service and Performed with Acts of Faith

What We Read this Week:
Grace finished Maximum Ride Graphic Novel Series
Read Aloud is A Peep Behind the Scenes
God's World News
When I Grow Up I Want to Be An Artist - Children's Book Illustrator
Teen Vogue - Grace is crazy about fashion now

Our Favorite item we used this week was God's World Magazine. I have Grace read a couple of pages a day to learn about things from the past and current world events through a Christian Worldview.
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Mary said...

I love the drawing- so good! I also enjoy God's World magazine.

Sharla said...

What a beautiful drawing your daughter made!

North Laurel said...

Good week- so much covered!
And wonderful job, Grace, on the drawing. You've come a long way :) Do you look back at what you did, oh, say years ago, and see how you've grown? My dd does that a lot.