Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up and It's a Wrap

This week went by in a complete blur. Week before last I started writing everything down so when the time came for a Weekly Wrap Up and It's a Wrap I would have all the information at my finger tips. Well this week I didn't follow up and now I am truly stumped about what we actually accomplished. I will take a stab at remembering:

Classes and Outings
Grace attended classes in Art History, Drama, Choir, Mixed Media Art, Essay Writing, Electricity, and Acts of Faith practice. Sunday at church, with a couple of girls from our Youth Service organization, put on a bake sale to raise funds and it went beautifully.

Schoolwork At Home
I haven't mentioned this yet, but a few weeks ago we started studying ancient history and american history at the same time. So far so good without getting confused. Topics in history that we touched on this week were Early Egyptians, the invention of writing, Roosevelt and the New Deal. Math consisted of pythagorean theorem and estimating area. In Geography we mapped lower an upper Egypt, the Cycle of the Nile River, Memphis and Thebes. Science had us finishing up a review with whale studies that included a really interesting documentary. We finally finished up The Mark of Athena and started reading A Peep Behind the Scenes from Lamplighter Publishing. Grace wrote an expository essay on Japanese Internment Camps. My favorite item we are using this week is from a review with Creek Edge Press. They graciously offered me the opportunity to review their Art Task Cards. Review will be forthcoming at the end of the month.

I attended Zumba classes on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Did the Zumba Wii game on Sunday and a youtube Zumba class on Wednesday. Grace did a couple of nights of Just Dance but needs to step it up a bit especially with all the junk we ate this weekend at her party.

Crowning Achievement
The crowning achievement of this week had to be the planning and execution of a teenage girl sleepover for 7 girls. Originally planned for 11. Illness took out 2, logistics took out another 2, and 1 only came to the party but didn't stay over. Crazy, fun night was had by all.

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