Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring is Coming

Believe it or not Betty went broody almost three weeks ago. At that point I was like "Really" it had just reached the first week in February. Too cold to be sitting and raising babies. She is relentless and all the other chickens started laying like there was no tomorrow. I am getting 6-8 eggs a day right now. In two days time I collected 9 eggs for her to sit on. So in about 19 more days we will have baby chicks again. The hatching process and raising baby chicks never gets old. The miracle of life is amazing to watch. Of course if all 9 hatch that will put us at our max with about 25 chickens in the backyard. All of these chicks will be Buffs and all boys will be harvested at four to six months of age depending on their size. We already have two roosters that do not get along. Luckily the smaller of the two can jump the fence and hang out in the front yard all day until roosting time. Spring here we come.


The Zoo Keeper said...

Sonya's getting a dozen or so eggs a day already and she has some sitting on eggs too.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

My Mama Claire goes broody in winter as well. I try to talk her out of it but she doesn't listen. :) Congrats on the new chicks coming!!

Erin D said...

I can't wait to have chickens at the next house! I love the idea of a) chicks, and b) fresh eggs. Not long now!!! (I hope)