Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Art Day Tuesday

Continuing with our current tradition, Tuesday is art day. Today was full of all kinds of creative and productive work. Even though it was art day we still read a chapter from our read aloud, A Peep Behind the Scenes, and from our devotional. Next we started on all sorts of things to ignite some sparks in Grace's art adventures.

In our Graphic Arts study Grace is in the process of putting together the layout for an Anime/Manage magazine. The above photo is the drawing that will be on her cover. She also put together a page about the current anime book she is reading with drawings and some cosplay photos of the characters.

Another Graphic Arts project is the ongoing project of creating bookmarks and note cards to be sold at an arts festival in May.

I found this book at the library yesterday and have included it with our art days. So You Want to be a Comic Book Artist is written for kids about the obvious, becoming a comic book artist. In the first chapter Grace learned some general things about the art of comics, what some of the actual terms mean (panel, gutter, balloon), and it highlighted the creator of the Ninja Turtles and how he got started in the business. She actually enjoyed reading this book so far, which is saying a lot of Grace.

Other Items of Interest From Today
We read over, studied and discussed two poems in a review we are doing on The Art of Poetry. We also read some more from When I Grow Up I Want to be an Artist and learned about wages that are earned by different types of artists in different cities around the United States. Grace created a pencil drawing of a landscape with texture for our Artistic Pursuits review (photos will be included with review next week). She also read a couple of pages from God's World News about finding the bones of Richard III and the pollution in China. Later this afternoon we will travel to co-op to attend more fine arts classes. In Art History Scott is actually teaching the class and he has put together a slide show presentation of some contemporary artists that are creating art in interesting ways. Grace is excited that in drama today she will finally get up on stage to practice her lines and big song. She will also be attending choir practice before us heading back home for the evening. Today was a wonderful morning of creating and learning in the craft she hopes to make a career as she matures.

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Nicole said...

She is such an amazing artist!!

Yesterday Eli was sick and Brynne spend ALL DAY creating McDonald's on Minecraft. Don't tell me she didn't get an education!! It was crazy good!