Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What To Do??

I realize with this post I might be opening myself up to some negative thoughts and remarks, but here goes. What do you do if you are on fire for serving others and love God with all your heart but have no real desire to attend church at this moment? Thoughts? Here is some background:

I grew up in the church and have attended just about my whole life. Denominations have never really meant much to us, more doctrine and relationships with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Our current church has been our home for the past 6-7 years. We love the members, but the church is struggling in all aspects of the word. They recently had a mass exodus of members not hip to the current vision of the church, etc. Financially struggling also as are many churches in the current economy. I don't mind attending once or twice a month but at this point just don't feel the need to attend every single Sunday or all the other functions that go along with being a member of a church. The Sundays that we stay at home either Scott prepares a devotion time for us or we watch an online sermon from Andy Stanley at Northpoint Church in Atlanta. He is really awesome, even Grace thinks so. Me and Grace also do daily devotions with our school day.

At this point in life I am concentrating more on serving and spreading God's love to others. I don't feel like I need to be inside the walls of the church to do this or sitting in a pew listening to sermons we have all heard before. It is time to go out and do, not sit and listen. Still some people will come back with the "what about being around other Christians with fellowship and accountability". Well I am around Christians every day of my life in all kinds of situations. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Prison Ministry Team Small Group that I attend most Monday nights. Going to a residential home to fellowship with woman with substance abuse problems.
  2. Acts of Faith Ministry - Traveling drama youth ministry group. 
  3. Angel Tree Ministry
  4. 4:12 Ministries - Youth Service Group. Going to a children's home to fellowship with young girls and share God's love.
  5. Soup Kitchen Thanksgiving Dinner - Serving meals with the youth in our group.
  6. Creative Christian Cooperative - Teaching children what their God given talents are and how to spread God's love in the community with those talents.
I don't mention these things to pat myself on the back or to make us look important. I just want others to know that we are going out and trying our best to make a difference in this world on God's behalf. So does this mean that I am wrong about not feeling the need to attend church? I don't know. This is something I struggle with all the time. What would God think about this path I am forging? Would he be happy with it, or disappointed because I am missing the point about attending church. What are your thoughts? Please be nice in your comments.

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Nicole said...

I was out of church for over 2 years. I NEVER thought I would be anything other than a regular church attender. I just couldn't do it anymore. Do you know what I mean? All I could see in the church building was selfishness, and I was so angry every Sunday that I just didn't feel that it was God-honoring to be there.

I continued with my own personal study and personal mission work. I had to detox myself from CHURCH!

Slowly I went back, although a much-different person than I was previously.

I NEVER EVER STOPPED LOVING JESUS during that period of time. And I told my children that we didn't have to be in a church pew to love Jesus.

You do what you and God have decided you should do. And when you get negative comments, which you probably will, don't worry about it.