Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekly Wrap

What a Week!!! Well I won't get in to the one big disappointment, just everything else.

Monday - Mostly regular school stuff. We started my most favorite thing from this week which is a Shakespeare Unit Study that I picked up at a used book sale for .99. We are using art journaling to record all of our information and reading the play as we go along. Really loving this unit.

Tuesday - We only have three more practices until we perform The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe and we are no where near ready. In art history at co-op Grace is learning about stained glass and making some of her own. I went to Zumba after co-op and absolutely love it. Very intense and a lot of booty shaking but a great workout.

Wednesday - School in the morning and youth service group in the afternoon. I am so excited about this youth service group. Currently we have scheduled to work the local soup kitchen Thanksgiving dinner on November 17. In December we will go to a teen girl's home to have a Christmas fellowship and also a time set aside for the local animal shelter to volunteer. All the services were picked and voted on by the youth in the group. What is so great is how excited they are also.

Thursday - Grace had a lot of writing homework this week for her writing class. She was so good about getting it down and did a really good job. I picked her up two new copic markers to show my appreciation for a job well done. After writing class we zoomed off to choir and tone chimes for Grace and me teaching puppetry arts at the cooperative. Zumba again after cooperative.

Friday - School this morning then out to lunch with hubby and my mom. Forgot to mention that hubby was on vacation the past three days. Visited Hobby Lobby for supplies for my art journaling class and the journaling we are doing her for our school work, also needed materials to make a unicorn horn for Grace's costume. Hobby Lobby was have a great sale so we spent a lot of time looking around and spending money. Grace has recently started a fascination with sock monkeys and found a great one at the store as well as paper and stickers. Also stopped at a really great antique store which we will have to visit again. I will leave you with a picture of Grace and the monkey.

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Nicole said...

Great week, Diane! Good luck on the play!! It will go great!

Eddie said...

Hope the play goes great!

I am trying hard not to be jealous at the idea of an art journaling class. And of course the associated trip for fresh, new, shiny clean art supplies!

Karen said...

Great week Diane. Sounds like a huge score on the Unit Study. I LOVE the picture of Grace with her sock monkey. Keilee loves sock monkeys too! I would love for Kei to be able to take your puppetry arts class. She would love it.