Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - The Week of Exercise and Health

Lots of schooling (in our own way) has taken place this week but I will have to say that hands down the weight loss journey has been in the fore fronts of both my mind and now Graces. Grace decided a couple of days ago to join me on this journey. I am so glad. I really want her to be healthy and I wish the same for me. Weight Watchers online program is our favorite tool this week. Counting points couldn't be more simple. I have been on the program for almost a month and have lost 8 pounds. Monday is our weighing day so won't know until this Monday where Grace falls. Also I am loving Zumba . The intensity of the workout twice a week is a great addition to what we are already doing at home. Each week we have been sampling different dvds from Netflix to see what we like and possibly want to buy. This week's dvd is Biggest Loser Power Walk and I think this is a winner. Both me and Grace like it. Currently she is doing 30 minutes while I do 45 - 60 minutes.

Well enough about all of that, let's get down to the other things we are doing with school during the week:

History - We are reviewing some history books that are a set of British, American, and World History. Learned about Mesopotamia in the World History book this week. Also did some reading from America the Beautiful and learned about The Vanderbilts, Teddy Roosevelt and Taft. In our magazine God's World News Grace read a two page spread about the three branches of government.

Math - We started our new Math Essentials geometry book. Learning about rays, lines, line segments, and different types of angles. Some of this kind of kicked our tails.

Science - The list of science topics I posted a week or so ago finally got started this week. So far we have learned about El Nino, Layers of the Ocean and the Ocean floor. Grace did notebooking pages for each of the topics.

Shakespeare - This has probably been our most fun. This week we read Act II and III and did journal pages for each act. Talk and learned about the four elements mentioned in Act II of Twelfth Night, studied vocabulary words from the play, and did a journal page about the language of Shakespeare and how a lot of quotes are still used today. The movie Twelfth Night came in the mail yesterday from Netflix and we hope to watch it sometime this weekend.

Extras - Art History Class, Drama practice, Acts of Faith practice, Tone Chimes Class and Choir Class, and Essay Writing Class. Lots of performances and recitals coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Reading - Mark of Athena is our read aloud and we are loving it. Grace is still reading Fever 1793 for literature and working her way through the Naruto Series.

Talk a click over to Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers to check out what everybody else did this week.


Karen said...

Great week Diane. Love to see that Grace is joining you. I agree that we want our girls to be healthy. The Shakespeare sounds like such fun.Sounds like Grace is enjoying notebooking! I saw your comment about winning the Math! I emailed you our address last week and just resent it. My email is kakeiatbellsouthdotcom if you didn't get it. Happy weekend!!

Leah C said...

I think it is a great idea to have your daughter as a partner working on weight and health. I've been thinking that I need to focus some more on this and do it with my 13 year old also. I think we'd have fun together and be more likely to do it together.

Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

Looks like a fun and productive week! So neat that your daughter is joining you in getting healthier!

Phyllis said...

Thank you for your kind comment you left on my blog. Your house is perfectly what I am looking for!!! I love the wide variety of studies you do. I have cut back to the essentials and miss Shakespeare and art and the like.