Friday, November 16, 2012

Prepping This Week

One of my new passions is herbal teas and herbs for remedies. Each month I plan on purchasing items from Herbs By Merlin. I have found their teas and herbs to be very economical and all natural. They always send us information with the purchases on how to use all the products. The 2 oz. bags of herbs retail for $2.00 and the mixed bags of tea retail for $6.50. I started using their Slim Tea a few weeks ago and now view it as a daily treat. If anyone is interested I have now lost 8 pounds through weight watchers, lots of exercise, and tea. Here is what I purchased for our stores and what it can be used for:

Sugar Ginger Root - Chew on for nausea and digestive issues.

Elder Berry - Colds

Echinacea - Colds and flus

Papaya - Acid Reflux

Wild Lettuce - Severe pain, morphine

Alfalfa - Has just about every vitamin and mineral you need.

Skullcap - Insomnia.

Merlin's Tea Mix

Triple Berry Tea Mix

Slim Tea II - One of my favorites for appetite supp., water weight, and toning, Also contains green teas.

Female Balance Tea - To help balance my hormones.

Calm Relax Tea - To help with my insomnia in case it comes back. I have weaned myself off my medication and doing well, so this is just a back up.

Please don't take my word for this as medical advice. Do you own research and make your own choices. But me at this point in time it works.

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Nicole said...

Interesting! I think I will try some of these! And, congrats on your Weight Loss ... slow and steady wins the race!!