Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A New Rabbit Trail

Last week we finished our three week study of Shakespeare and his play the Twelfth Night. It was a good experience and we know a lot about this particular play now. I told Grace that if we study one of Shakespeare's play a year by the time she graduates she will have a good working knowledge of his works.

We needed a new interest and found it actually in an old interest. Grace and myself have read the entire Percy Jackson Series and The Heroes of Olympus Series as read alouds. I enjoy them as much as she does which is why we read them together. We start off each school day with a chapter. When The Mark of Athena came out we knew we would be reading this one also. We are 200 pages in to it and that is where our rabbit trail started. D'Aularies' Book Of Greek Myths has also been in my possession for a couple of years. Grace looked through it originally but never really paid it much mind. Well, now that we are back into a new Heroes book it seemed like perfect timing to do an in depth study of Greek Mythology.

I have always loved this book. The illustrations are wonderful. I have a very hard time remembering all the names and what they are the god or goddess of, but Grace does a good job of remembering them. What is great about the Rick Riordan books is that most of the gods and goddesses are brought back again and again which helps with recall. So anyway, each day Grace is reading some from the book then creating some journal pages to help remember information.

Day one Grace learned about the Titans and mother earth Gaea. This is a great way to start off the study because Gaea plays a major role in The Heroes of Olympus Series.

Day two she learned about Zeus, Hera and the other gods of Olympus. She decided to print pictures of each god or goddess to help her remember. Most of these we knew pretty well from all the previous books.

Today which was Day three Grace read about Hera. Grace immediately let me know that she didn't care for Hera. She was a very jealous goddess and not too nice. Today Grace chose to draw an illustration of Hera and write a bit of info.

Homeschooling is so great. We get to study items that really interest us. By the time we finish the D'Aulaires; book, Grace should be very proficient in Greek Mythology.

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