Saturday, November 24, 2012

Catching Up

Black Friday - Well ....... it was interesting. Black Friday has always been a tradition for us. Mom, sister and me have always gone out. Sometimes early, sometimes late, sometimes just two of us. This year my mom asked me to go with her. Our Black Friday shopping was actually Gray Thursday evening and ended at midnight. We ventured in to Wally World and witnessed a whole lot of craziness with people grabbing electronics. Literally the police had to pull people out of a pile off the ground because the cardboard display case crushed under everyone's weight. What is the world coming too. Can you imagine what that would have been like if it was a pallet of food and your family hadn't eaten in a week. Sorry shouldn't have switched subjects so quickly on you there. But really, if people act this crazy over stuff how much crazier would they act over food when facing starvation. Okay, its the holidays and I will get off of my soapbox now.

Weight Loss - Weight Watchers is going really good for both me and Grace. Grace lost 7 pounds in her first week and I cannot tell you how great she is being about it. I just finished my first month and have lost 10 pounds. My new to me choice of exercise "Zumba" is great. I love going. I only go twice a week because it is very intense and I have bad knees and feet. Currently I exercise 6 days a week with walking, Zumba, and dvds. We allowed ourselves to eat what we wanted within reason on Thanksgiving and neither of use gained an ounce. Our Christmas treat will be an eggnog milkshake on Christmas Eve from McDonalds and whatever we want to eat on Christmas day.

Spend $24 on the 24th - Our small town advertised that today they were encouraging the community to come out and support the local businesses by spending $24 dollars. Me and Grace went out this summer and spent some money at the local yarn shop and then to the local art shop(both independently owned).
Christmas yarn to make wash clothes to go in Christmas BAskets. An owl bracelet and key chain.

Grace created this last night. It is titled "Time Melting". She is holding a time piece that is melting. In the photo it is very hard to see the detail in the dress, but it is really great.


Ruth Dixon said...

I've never been Black Friday shopping, never had the money to spend, and after the things I've seen on the news, I don't want to. Our society is beginning to scare me. Congrats on the weight loss. I'm not even gonna try during the holidays. And I love the $24 on the 24th thing. What a great idea!

Nicole said...

$24 on the 24th ... what a fabulous idea!

And Grace's drawing is AMAZING! Congrats on the weight loss. I know WW has always been my favorite method to lose weight because it teaches you to make better choices and is easy to re-implement anytime you feel like you need to re-lose a couple of pounds.