Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lots to Accomplish Over the Next Couple of Days

Of course tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are getting together with the family for food, fellowship, fun, and family time. Hope to also get in some exercise time and maybe even a little Just Dance with Grace using my sister's play system. I am also putting together a list of items to purchase on Black Friday. I do not have a lot of purchase. Last year we instituted the three gift rule for the kids. Grace wants some new boots and probably some new clothes. Travis wants items for his new apartment. He plans to move out with some friends in January. This year I am making baskets for the families instead of individual gifts except for my nephew. So I am also making a list of all the items I need from the grocery store to put together the home made items to go in the baskets. I hope for me and Grace to work on these together as it gets closer to Christmas. Scott and Grace need to create her unicorn horn for The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. Dress rehearsal will be next week. Scott has to build my shadow puppetry frame for recitals in two weeks.

I don't know if I mentioned this yet , but my 14 year old cat is going crazy. About 6 weeks ago she started crying/meowing very loudly at night, all night. I don't think their is anything medical going on just maybe dementia. I have done a lot of research and have ordered Feliway from amazon. A product that diffuses feline pheromones in the air to help relax the cats nerves and keep them calm. If this doesn't work it may be the end for this cat. I love her but no one is getting any sleep. She is declawed so cannot send her outside either. We live in a small cabin so there is also no where to put her away from us where you can't still hear her. The product should be here Friday and hoping for the best.

So excited to notice that one of our recent chicks (now about 4 months old) is looking like our Easter Egg layer in the face with little tufts of hair sticking out from the cheeks.. Our Easter Egg layer is hands down the best at everything. Best personality, best layer, best sitter. Hoping this one will follow in her suit.

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Nicole said...

I love your plans for Christmas! The gift basket idea sounds so great! I am making fleece blankets for every member of my family, including the new babies.

I am so sorry to hear about your cat! Our 12 year cat starting pottying in the house all of a sudden. And we had him declawed, too, so we didn't know what to do. We moved him out to the garage and eventually he started going out. Now he stays outside all the time and he has been just fine. He still has his back claws, so at least he can kind of defend himself if he needs to.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!