Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Projects Over the Weekend

Over the weekend Grace produced a couple of new projects. Found a great blog from another blogger www.legoquestkids.blogspot.com that gives out challenges of things to build with legos and then send in your photo. This is our first challenge which was to do a flag. Grace did the flag of Panama because she thought it was an easier one to do. We will try to keep up with the challenges and post as we do them.
Grace and Scott also did some painting over the weekend. Scott has been making her small wooden boxes and painting them white. That way they are easy to hang on the wall. This time Grace decided to paint something with an impressionistic style. I think she has already started another one with a dragon on it. I am sure the dragon choice doesn't surprise anyone.


Deb said...

That is fantastic! We love lego's around here. I think I will implement this idea immediately.

Alex said...

Lego Quest is so fun! Glad you are joining too ;)

Bronwyn said...

I will have to check out the Lego Quest. Legos are a big favorite here.
Grace's painting is lovely. I like the impressionistic style a lot!

The Zoo Keeper said...

Great job Grace! We'll have to check out the lego quest site.

Sam said...

That is a fantastic flag of Panama Grace! Way to go! If you'd like your photo featured on the Lego Quest blog with all the other kids, you can either send me a photo, or I can just link to your blog and all the kids can see what you've done!

Leslie said...

Great flag! What a fun challenge. I look forward to seeing what else she makes!