Friday, June 25, 2010

Art Camp

This week fun was had by all. Another church in our area holds an art camp each summer. Many classes are offered and many kids want to sign up, K-7th. This is Grace's second year to go. She wishes it would go on all summer. Tonight was the end of the week program and all their art work was displayed like it would be in a gallery. Classes that Grace participated in was Art II, Sculpting, and Pottery. She really got in to the Sculpting class - brought home many creative pieces.


DeanO said...

Art camp - awesome. I wish all kids could go to art camp. Look at that smile!

legendswife said...

Art Camp? How cool!

Leslie said...

This sounds like a blast! I know my kids would love it too!


PS Thank you for your prayers for Joshua! I do appreciate it. It has been a hard week for him. It's getting better (I think), but still not great.