Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Creating - Getting Back on Track

I have been very bad lately. Bad at being frugal. Today was jump start day. Baked two loaves of bread which will probably last us a week - only three people in the family eat sandwiches. Also baked some home made cookies for afternoon snacking. Cooking more dinners and not eating out as much. Not sure what got in to me. Maybe we had the extra money and I got lazy. Anyway got to hop to it and get back on the wagon. Found a great recipe for batter bread which takes half the time to make. No kneading and only one 30 minutes rise time. Hopefully it tastes as good as it looks.
For school this year I created our math book. I looked at the table of contents for a widely used textbook and went to the Internet and printed free worksheets for each concept. The only thing it cost me was computer paper I already had and ink for my printer which was 9.00. Today I am creating my own Home Ec program for us to use one day a week. I have severely neglected teaching Grace how to take care of herself and a home. Pulled information from Keepers at Home and free online lessons to complete the weekly series. Looking forward to starting that.
I have three projects in the works for Christmas presents. Need to keep cracking at those too. Learning some new crochet patterns but still need some help on that. Probably have to contact my friend Kelly again to help me finish another square.


Jenny said...

I SO wish I would start making bread on a regular basis. The bread we eat is $5-6 a loaf...ugh. I liked to hear how you made your math curriculum!

Leslie said...

Great job!!! Sounds like you are being very productive! I need to get back to baking bread too. Yours looks beautiful! Hope you enjoyed it!


Linda said...

We go through a LOT of bread. Fortunately, I have an easy bread recipe (yours looks better though! more rustic.. I like that) and we have access to day old bread outlet that sells the better bread for half the price of the stores. We stock up and freeze.