Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random Stuff

If you have kids I am sure you are aware of the silly band craze that is sweeping the nation. We just jumped on the bandwagon about three weeks ago. Already she has acquire about 50 - 75 bands. Where to put them? Of course my husband the creative one came up with this silly band display board. He is actually making another to take to Saturday's arts festival and see if he has any takers.
I wanted to include this picture because all on her own she included some perspective in this drawing and she really doesn't like working with perspective. You can see it in the windows.

Not sure what it is with the moth fascination, but I just love them. This one was on the door this morning when I let the dogs out - about six inches long. Puppy was fascinated with it and kept wanting to go outside and bark at it. Finally had to use a pencil for the moth to climb on and put him in another location that puppy couldn't eyeball.


Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

I have to admit that I had no idea about the silly band craze- I have seen them and wondered what on earth you were supposed to do with them. LOL I do like the idea your husband came up with to display them, very practical and appealing!

My husband was hoping to head to Dahlonega this weekend to pan for gold but I'm not sure the repairs will be finished on our van. Hopefully we'll still have the money to make the trip after we cover the costs! I do remember that you mentioned a great (Italian?) restaurant that was somewhere nearby? Is it closer to Dahlonega or Helen?


The Zoo Keeper said...

Leave it to SK to come up with a Silly Band Display Board. He should call it the Silly Board!