Saturday, June 19, 2010

Literature Choices for the New Year

With so many great literature choices to chose from, I have finally narrowed our list down for the next year. Most of them are series we have started and want to finish. We are just about finished with By the Shores of Silver Lake and will try to finish the last three books throughout the year.

We also started the Narnia Series a couple of years ago and love them so much. I decided we really needed to finish the last two books. More than likely we read one of the Little House books then a Narnia book and so on until they are finished.

Grace is totally fascinated with The Lord of the Rings movies and her and her dad have watched them many times together. I thought she might enjoy reading the series from the beginning. I purchased most of these books last night when me and hubby went out on a date. The book store is usually a popular destination for date night after a great dinner. When Grace saw all the purchases she was just thrilled with what I had chosen for the new year.

Grace also loves the Percy Jackson series and anything that has to do with Greek Mythology. We are reading through this series at night just for fun and have three books to finish before starting on his new series The Red Pyramid about the Egyptian gods.


All American x5 said...

Very cool choices!

We will be starting The Little House books this year.

Lynn B said...

Hi Diane,
I just popped over to visit after seeing your comment on my blog. (Thank you!) What an interesting family you have! I enjoyed looking around here and will be back. Re: this post... I "lived on" the Little House books growing up, and everything I learned from them still colors how I think today. What a priceless gift they have been to so many generations already! Enjoy the journey :)