Monday, June 7, 2010

Frog Sitting, Birthdays and A Magic Show

Close friends of ours have gone camping - so we are frog sitting. This is a tree frog that eats two crickets each day and must be spritzed with water twice a day.
Yesterday both kids birthdays were celebrated. Travis turned 20 a week ago and Grace turned 11 today. You don't see many pictures often like the one above.

Today was the opening activity for our local library's summer program. Every year they start off with a magic show. It was really good. Brought mom along with us. Went out to lunch and by Walmart for Grace to spend some of the birthday money that was burning a hole in her pocket. She bought some flip flops and a game for her DS.


Debbie S. said...

I was beginning to wonder if any of my blogging friends had teenage boys. Life is interesting with these boys, who are still our children, yet they are men. What to do? Many questions!

The Zoo Keeper said...

And nathan thanks you for tking care of super frog!