Monday, June 28, 2010

What we are Reading and Costumes

Okay, I know it isn't a classic. But it is a really good series. Grace read the first book herself and half of the second book then put it down to read other things. I really wanted her to finish the series and I felt like I was missing out by not reading it with her. We finished the second book together and are now reading the third in the series, "The Titan's Curse". I think I enjoy them just as much as her and I try to read aloud one chapter a night. I hope to finish the series before next school year because the author's new series I believe is about Egyptian gods and we will be doing an entire year on Ancient Egyptian History. That book series would tie in great for independent reading. Anyway, today we went on the hunt for two costumes for The Wizard of Oz performances. Went to the book store of course, Grace picked out a book to bring home and I picked one out. Greek Myths is a book I have had on my wish list for a while. We have checked it out from the library, but this is one of those books you can read over and over and use as a reference book. It goes as a great companion book with the Percy Jackson Series, so I splurged and bought it. Paid retail price to boot. Luckily also found everything that we needed for the costumes. So glad that is done.


The Zoo Keeper said...

When do I see what we get to make?

Chris said...

I've actually checked out the same book and read parts of it with my twins. Next summer we're planning a trip to Greece, so starting next spring, I'd like to do a lot of hand's on stuff with them, too. They also have an older television series produced by Jim Hanson on Greek Myths. We watched the Storyteller's series, and my kids just loved it!