Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Art Work

As you can tell from my numerous posts about art, this is where Grace's passion lies as well as her fathers. She has been attending private art lessons for 5 weeks now and is enjoying it very much. At the last lesson her teacher instructed her on gesturing and for homework she was to practice sketching people and items but not putting details in to the pictures. The above picture is a gesturing pose she did at the art teachers house of her dog.
Grace is still fascinated with dragons. This is one of the wooden boxes I mentioned before that my husband makes for Grace to paint or draw on.

One of her many manga characters. This one is actually an illustration for a story she is writing through her Create a Fantasy workbook.

And again dragons. Every free moment is taken up with drawing or creating. So great that we homeschool and she has all this time to devote to her craft.


Chris said...

She is very talented. It is wonderful how homeschooling allows kids tons of time to devote to their passions. I'm sure she wouldn't be where she is now if she hadn't had all the time she needed to devote to her art.

Deb said...

People with artistic ability just amaze me. And isn't doesn't it give you such a special kind of joy to be able to nurture her talent? Good job, mama.