Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School, Lunch, and Church

This morning rolled pretty well. We were able to finish Bible, Math, History, Typing, Liberty Kids Episode, and Spelling before lunch. Took a break for lunch and went to Zaxbys with my parents. Grace decided to go home with them and spend some quality time. I picked her up later in the afternoon and we had to finish Georgia History, Book of Centuries, and Science. In Science today we learned about the parts of an egg and how the chick grows. Loving the Zoology book about Flying Creatures. Love studying about birds. About to prepare dinner, nothing special, just sandwiches and chips then off to church we go. This Wednesday marks my second time of teaching the middle schoolers. Still a little nervous sometimes but working my way through it. Tonight our lesson is about peer pressure and I am taking a Bible board game if we finish up early.

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