Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Morning Back to School Blues

When we started school this morning, I thought it was going to be a bad day. Grace was just not in to it. I dragged her through her first three subjects - Bible, Spelling, and Typing. As I mentioned before in my other blog we are using workboxes this year. As we made it to the 4th box everything started improving. Until we reached the dreaded written narration. Grace does not like to write!!!!!! But I am committed that this year Grace will write two written narrations a week. One for history and the other from whatever we are reading in literature. Today was history. I let her decide if she wanted to write from what she read in If I Lived During the American Revolution or what I read from Mr. Revere and I. Of course she choose the easier which was what she was reading. Right now she is only writing about a paragraph. I hope by the end of this year we can get to two - three paragraphs. After writing the narration she came aruond and did every box willingly and happily. So she did end up earning herself a prize for the day from the prize bucket. I know she is 10 but she is really driven with a reward system. Make that a short term reward system. So a small dollar store prize each day works very nicely. Here is what was in our workboxes for today:
  1. Bible
  2. Spelling
  3. Typing
  4. History
  5. Written Narration
  6. Crossword Puzzle
  7. Math
  8. Make,write, and address a card to a friend
  9. Georgia State History
  10. Science
  11. Geography Terms
  12. Independent Reading


Jemma said...

Hi Diane-Thanks for coming by and visiting me at Life is Not a Cereal. It sounds like you have some fun things planned for this year. I am curious about your prize bucket. I'd love to know what sort of prizes you put in there, how often you let your daughter choose a prize, etc. I look forward to getting to know you better!


Diane said...

Hi Jemma,
The prize bucket started out of desperation.LOL My daughter is motivated best with a prize at the end of the day. Going all week before a prize just wouldn't work for her. I went to the dollar store and bought about 15 items for $15.00, some like candy could be divided to more than on prize. She really enjoys silly putty, clay, rubber stamps, stickers, pencils, balls,etc. So my $15.00 investment will last anywhere from 3-4 weeks especially if I divide up candy. Hope this helps explain a little better.