Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Exhausting Day

Me and my mom went to Emory today to get her test results. The results weren't bad but they weren't great either. The ultrasound showed two nodules in her neck that are believed to be recurrence of the thyroid cancer. But the good news is her chest scan is clear. She has had 4 previous surgeries to remove these recurrences. It has gotten to the point that the nodules are very close to her vocal chords and trachea. Surgery might not be an option this go around. The oncologist is scheduleing a ultrasound guided biopsy to confirm that the nodules are cancer and not just scar tissue from previous surgeries. We are also looking at a new drug that attacks the cancer cell and turns the switch of the cell off so they will quit growing. Amazing what science is producing these days.

On a lighter note we didn't do much school today because I was gone all day with my mom. If I didn't mention it before, it takes us three hours of road time to get to Emory and back home. Grace did go to Trinity today and attended her drama and handicrafts class. She also got to spend time with her grandpa. This evening she is creating another blog, this one about the Warrior Cat Book Series. If anyone is interested in checking it out - www.homeschoolblogger.com/lifeofthewarriorcats. She is reading the series and has started the second book in the series and will be reading her 30 minutes or more tonight before bed. I guess you could still call this a school day with everything she has done. She also created some drawings of her own named warrior cats to hang in her room.

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