Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Food Pantry and School

I thought I would take a picture today of our work space. Since we worked at the food pantry till 1:00 we had a shortened school day today. Here is what was in our workboxes:
  1. 1. Bible 5. Spelling
  2. 2. Math 6. Liberty Kids Episode
  3. 3. History 7. Independent Reading
  4. 4. Typing 8. Science

The picture above is Grace working on a paint by numbers set while she is watching an episode from Liberty Kids.

Our church started a food pantry about 5 months ago. The food pantry is open once a month and today was that day. We handed out 100 boxes of food. Next month we will add a clothes closet that will be open at the same time. There are two other churches that have food pantry. So between those two and our families can get free food every week of the month except the last week. I usually help families fill the form out to receive their boxes and Grace helps people to the cars with the boxes. It is always blessing to get to work at the food pantry.


Anonymous said...

I just moved my blog over to blogspot too! I loved reading about your family. It is great that you have Trinity Classical school as an option. We have a really great co-op but I would love something like that. (If it were closer, we live about 40 minutes from the city, so it is not real practical right now.)

School for Us said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog post (about Ireland).

I love that you and your daughter help out at your churches food pantry! I've been trying to find some way my daughter can volunteer to help. For most things, it seems she is too young. It's great that you found something you could do with your daughter!

Jennifer said...

That's fabulous! At the end of every month we make a food donation to our church's pantry, and I'm always so in awe and appreciative of the three ladies who keep it running so well. You and your daughter are to be commended!