Sunday, August 16, 2009


The past few days have gone by in a blur. Words to describe: draining, exhausting, joyous, sad, grief stricken. I say joyous because I know she is no longer in pain or sick and is right where she wants to be. Friday night was the viewing for my Aunt and Saturday the funeral. Saturday was about a 12 hour day for all of us. After the funeral, meal, and burial service we all returned to my Aunt's house. She had prepared for every member of her family a letter, card and gift bag with items that she wanted each of us to have that were important to her. In my bag was my grandmothers 35th wedding anniversary ring (my grandparents passed away 18 years ago). There were other items also, but my grandmother's ring just blew me away. It was so thoughtful of her to think of what we would be going through and trying to make it a little better with her words. I will miss her terribly.

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