Monday, August 10, 2009

Sad Times

In my other blog I had discussed many times the journey of my Aunt with terminal breast cancer. Yesterday afternoon we got the call that it was time to come and say good bye. This woman is the most godly woman I know and is really ready to go and sit at the feet of Jesus. But it is really hard on the rest of us. She has 4 children, 2 step children, and 19 grandchildren. When we arrived there was a house full. My mother is taking this very hard because this is her little sister we are talking about. My aunt is having trouble breathing now and her respirations were 10 per minute when we left last night (my mother stayed). We are all a very close family and this is really killing us. I haven't heard anything the morning so I am sure everything is the same as last night. It is hard just sitting around waiting for someone to die. Grace was very upset last night, especially because I didn't take her with us. But none of the children were there and I know my Aunt would want the children to remember her as a vibrant person, not what she is right now. It is hard! It is incredibly hard to say good bye to her last night. She is in and out of it because of all the morphine she is on but still pretty lucid in what she wants to say to each person. Please keep her family in your prayers.

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Jennifer said...

I lost both my father and stepmother to cancer. I know how hard it is to watch loved ones wither away from this disease. You and your family are in my prayers!