Thursday, August 27, 2009

Keepers At Home

A couple of years ago I taught a co-op class with the Keepers at Home Book. For those that are not familiar with this, it is basically like a Christian Girls Scouts group accomplishing tasks to earn badges. We never finished the book and it was sitting on our shelf since. I thought it would be great to start including it in our workboxes with our daily work. The first section I chose to use is for the literature badge. To get the badge you have to read 25 books. You have to include books about cooking, nature, science, history, biography, poetry,and crafts. I decided to let Grace pick out short below her reading level so this badge would not take her a year to complete it. She chose crocheting, colonial cooking, insects, poetry, pyramids, and biographies on Annie Oakley, Pocohontas, and Teddy Roosevelt. We will also include some of the books we are already reading for history and literature.

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