Sunday, August 23, 2015

When It Rains It Pours - Medically Speaking That Is

The past few days have been kind of a world wind. Just when you think your on health is starting to get under control.....WHAM! Your blasted with more stuff. Saturday was my third trip to the ER in less than three weeks. This time with a racing heart rate and being winded which turned out to be dehydration from one of the high blood pressure medications (diuretic) We dropped that pill from the daily routine and another WHAM! this morning my blood pressure went through the roof. One clonidine later and sitting with a decent blood pressure and decent heart rate, but that could change at a moments notice.

Friday night my dad was put back in the hospital with a spiking temperature. Turns out sever bladder infection that has gone to the kidneys as well. They ended up having to culture the urine because two IV antibiotics had not started the process of healing. Today they got the results back and he is on the correct medication and will be in the hospital till Monday or Tuesday. The silver lining to this visit is that they are now getting all the paperwork together to move him over to the rehab facility as soon as a bed gets open and he will be there for at least a month which should give my mom a breather.

Saturday morning my mom's brother who has congestive heart failure collapsed and stopped breathing and is in yet another hospital 45 minutes away. He is in a coma with some brain damage. My mom is obviously upset about the possibility of losing her brother but also torn between two hospitals with her husband and brother. I of course did not tell her anything about my ER visit because she is already stressed to the max.

And last but not least I have another uncle that used to be married to my mother's sister and he is yet in another hospital facing surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor from his throat which had grown so big he couldn't eat or drink. They had to put in a trach and feeding tube until he was ready for the surgery.

The family is spread pretty thin now between three hospitals and I am at home unable to really visit anyone or help anyone while I am trying to get better myself. Please pray for me and my family as we all go through this hard time. Also I promise as soon as I feel more myself you will be getting many more homeschooling and education type posts.


Christy said...

Diane, You and your family are in my prayers!! <3

LJS said...

Praying here as well.