Sunday, August 2, 2015

Final Countdown

It is the final countdown in more ways than one. School for my tutoring students, Grace, and the Cooperative all starts in just one short week. I have planned out all the lessons for the first week for my tutoring students. Grace will only have a couple of subjects to start on Monday while her other classes begin on Tuesday, but Literature won't start till the end of the month. I have two drama classes to prepare for as well along with all the last minute administrative work that goes along with managing a fine arts cooperative.

This year should be very busy, but so much fun. Who doesn't love a shelf full of new curriculum. You know how money always burns a hole in your pocket - well, I think the same about new books.

I was also lucky enough to purchase some old computer sets for $20.00 each for my tutoring students. This will not be for internet usage. At the moment it will be for Mavis Beacon typing and Teaching Textbooks. A local school was selling many old items to buy new technology.
It is late and I have so much more to say, but knew I needed to check in. Longer post coming soon, especially about the first days of school and cooperative.

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