Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Nature Study Walk

This year for my tutoring students I decided to use something premade for their nature journals. Simply Charlotte Mason came out with a new product that makes nature journaling so easy. Journaling a Year in Nature can be found through this link. I had the parents purchase one for each student and this week we were able to go on our first nature walk.

We skipped ahead to the Spiders and Insects page. We found cocoons for Walnut Caterpillars. So I had the kids do a page about them. I also sent home the other page to complete another Spider and Insect page with the challenge of the most unique, creative, and time consuming page receiving a prize. I believe they were excited about the challenge and I'm excited to see on Monday what they come back with.

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Karen said...

I just LOVE Nature studies. This one looks amazing!!