Thursday, April 9, 2015

When Your Child Needs More Than You Can Give

Many years ago when I was in high school, what was required to graduate and go to college was so different to today. In high school I didn't get past biology in science and in math I did a lot of consumer math, business math, and general math. My almost two years of college got me past Algebra and another two quarters of biology. I have never studied chemistry or geometry. Next year will be Grace's 11th grade year and she is slated to take both of these courses. We discussed it and came up with a plan of doing both at home with Teaching Textbooks, Queen Homeschool, and Chemistry 101 DVDS. The more I thought about this plan the more I fretted about it. I would have to learn both of these subjects with her in order to help her when she had trouble along with running a Fine Arts Cooperative and tutoring three 6th graders next year. I just felt it was time to farm these two subjects out.

Math and Science have always been our weak spots. Even Grace has expressed the desire to have another teacher for these two subjects. After much discussion we have decided to do just that. Luckily the private Christian school that we rent space from for the Cooperative has started a new program to begin in August to help homeschooling families in this area. They are now offering hybrid courses (meeting two days a week at the school and twice a month for tests) for all core subject areas. Grace jumped at the chance to participate in a small classroom setting and learn from another teacher (who actually has expertise in chemistry and geometry). This feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Grace is also slated to participate on the girl's volleyball team and she is extremely excited about it.

Grace will continue to take writing and literature from her beloved teacher Ms. Christy at the Creative Canvas. Looking forward to a great, but very busy year in the fall.

Grace's school house for the past 8 years will now be changing a bit.


Mary Prather said...

Diane -- this is a great opportunity for your daughter and I know it eases your mind! You're a good mama!

LJS said...

How wonderful! We have programs like that starting here to but just at the elementary level....nothing for high school that I know of. I would be interested in that for math, science and sports too!

Karen said...

This sounds Heaven sent. I dread doing these subjects too but we have nothing like this. Only an actual tutor which I can't afford. I hope next year is such an amazing year for Grace and for you.