Monday, April 20, 2015

STEM Challenge Monday

Well it is Monday again and usually we try to do some type of fun STEM challenge. What do you do with 120 pennies, 50 gum drops, 100 toothpicks, and a paper plate?
I got the idea from my Pinterest board and a website I am now following about how to build teamwork. This challenge asked the girls to create a bridge out of the gum drops and toothpicks that could hold 300 grams of pennies which equaled to about 120 pennies. The kicker was the bridge had to be suspended over a 6 inch gorge.

Their creation barely help up the pennies. Not sure if it was the design of the bridge or the curvature of the chairs. Unfortunately all the desks and table in our room were on different levels, so we couldn't use them for the gap. I did explain to the girls that I thought their design needed a little more structure and height. They of course were anticipating eating the gum drops and didn't really want to recreate another bridge.

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