Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Recital Night 2015

This semester's recital night was last night at Faith Christian Academy. We have developed strong ties with this school and they have been so gracious and allowing us to be there and literally take over the gym for three weeks for stage construction, extra practices, and performances.
This year Grace was involved with Girls Ensemble and Ballroom Dance. She absolutely loved both of these classes. This is really saying a lot because it took two years for her to finally make the decision to join both classes.

She has enjoyed so much bonding with the girls in Girls Ensemble but also singing again. Grace has a beautiful voice (of course I'm mom and biased) and over the past couple of years she had stepped away from singing in performances. A few weeks ago she even did a duet in the school's variety show.

Who would have ever known how much a group of teenagers would love Ballroom Dance. This class started out with only 12 members with now around 24. We normally only held the Ballroom class in the Spring to get all the students ready for the Spring Formal, but this year the kids begged to continue. I have new students waiting to get involved in this class as well. Last night the kids performed the Cha Cha and Foxtrot and they already know the Waltz. Next semester will be the Swing and another dance style.
I always enjoy Recital Night so much because quite frankly I love these kids and their families. It is like a big family reunion when we all get together. We have to turn off the lights to get people to leave at the end because we enjoy each others company so much. We truly love each other. That is why I put in the long hours directing this Cooperative - The KIDS and the FAMILIES!
Next on tap - two Peter Pan performances next week!

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Karen said...

I wish Keilee had taken a dancing class to learn dances like this. I think it is SO cool to see teenagers doing the Foxtrot, etc. She knows the Waltz from plays. Grace's recital looks lovely.