Monday, January 26, 2015

Trying to Find That Perfect Church Environment

I have to ask - is there such a thing as a perfect church environment? Do you have a church without  tension, judgment, cliques, lack of volunteers, etc.? The list could go on and on of the reasons why you don't like this church or that church. Our family is in a holding pattern. Currently we do not have a home church. We actually home church watching online sermons. Many fellow Christians would view this as not really "doing church" and might even through a little disapproval our way. They might say "What about congregating with fellow believers like the Bible says we are supposed to do", or simply "Why weren't you in church this past Sunday".

Our family has many reasons as to why we have found ourselves in the predicament that we are currently in. We loved our home church and up until a couple of years ago you would find us there nearly every time the door was open. For the last 11 years you couldn't tear me away, but something began to slowly change over the past 2-3 years. I still don't know if those changes in our thought patterns about church are going to turn out to be a good thing or a bad thing. I know that at times I really miss my church family (not that I couldn't get together with them any time I pleased by simply picking up the phone and inviting them over).

I'm looking for something different in a church. Something that doesn't revolve around showing up every Wednesday and Sunday to sit in a pew, listen to a message, go out and have lunch, then go home. I want to be involved in something bigger and more meaningful. I don't want the focus to be on me getting something from the church but me giving something to the church. Not the church building or church members but the body of believers or maybe not believers in our community. Not waiting for the hurt and brokenhearted to come to us and join in yet one more church program, but going out to them. Instead of spending money on church programs, building upkeep, staff salaries -  actually taking the tithing money collected and doing something in the community for the hungry, the hurting, the needy.

Does this type of church exist? Am I setting my sights on something that isn't attainable? Would other believers want the same? Something authentic. Something real. Something beautiful. Something life changing.


Nicole said...

We were out of church for two years because of the same reasons. At church I lost God. Here in our little town we go to my tiny childhood church. I teach 4th-6th SS and lead a little women's group of a total of 5 women. But I don't go to service. I watch sermons at home instead. You have to just do what fills you to overflowing (WHEREVER that is) so that you have overflow to share. You can still love Jesus watching sermons at home. Anyone who scoffs at you is legalistic.

LJS said...

I think any time a group of people gather and organize perfection is not attainable. I can completely relate and even though I am now at a much better place with my church, there are still issues. I was actually yelled at by a parent in front of my children for not adequately advertising a youth group meeting. Yelled at. Obviously this woman has more things to be upset about than youth group but I have learned there is no ideal, there is our relationship with God and our relationship with church and sometimes the two are not in sync. I wish you the best as you determine your best place to be and if you are getting what you need to further your relationship with God from online sermons, far be it for others to judge. EPIC Church in Alabama (I'm in CT) got me through my tough time!