Thursday, January 8, 2015

Boredom to Chaos in Lightening Speed

My readers might remember that a couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about finding myself after homeschooling, and that I kind of had the blues during the Christmas holidays with too much time on my hands. My, my ..... what a difference a week makes. Starting Saturday of this past week it has been a whirlwind of activity with no real end in sight. Let's do a recap....

Saturday - Grace had a friend over all day. I went to pick up and drop off said friend in nasty pouring down rain. We all went out to eat for lunch and dinner with bowling in the middle of the day.

Sunday - Got up very early to drive one and half hours away to pick up two new puppies. This was kind of a spur of the moment decision so on the way home with the puppies we had to stop and pick up a few supplies. Later in the afternoon we had a late Christmas gathering to attend and didn't get home to 8:00.

Monday - My tutoring students returned from the Christmas break. Insert deal with puppies. Grace started back into her studies. Insert deal with puppies. Grocery shopping in the afternoon. Insert deal with puppies. Went to Zumba after dinner.

Tuesday - Tutoring students again as well as Grace and her studies. This was the first day of Cooperative in a new location with 71 kids. Can you say chaotic! It was insane. Classes were great! Kids were great! Rushed home after to take care of puppies. I still had tons of Cooperative business to handle that would bleed into the next day.

Wednesday - Tutoring students again and Grace with her studies. Two days ago a part of Grace's appliance fell out of her mouth. Our orthodontist has two locations and of course the one closest to us didn't have any openings. This meant driving 45 minutes to the other location to get it repaired. While there a visit to Petsmart was warranted for the new puppies of course and dinner out because by this point we were STARVING.

Thursday - Grace needed dropped off for Spanish and Literature classes. I rushed back home to let the puppies have some time out before going to my doctor's appointment for a yearly physical. Then to the bank, library, and lunch while I waited on Grace to finish. Rushed us home to again let the puppies out before taking them to their first vet visit. Next home to deal with chicken waterers freezing outside because I kind of forgot to mention that it didn't get above freezing today. After dinner required some extra Biology time.

Do you see a theme going on here. I swear I need to be beat over the head for acquiring two new puppies on the same week that tutoring and Cooperative are back in session. Not enough hours in the day to handle it all. Cooking and exercise definitely fell to the wayside this week. Gotta get back on track with that.

When you see this sweet face though you know it is all worth the hassle and struggle.

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Unknown said...

Love this and you! Precious puppies!