Monday, January 12, 2015

What Every Young Girl Loves - A Horse Unit Study

What young girl doesn't enjoy a good horse study. Every young girl I have come in contact over the years goes through some phase of loving horses. This includes Grace as well. I remember Grace drawing horse after horse after horse. We read stories about horses. We studied horses and eventually she went to a couple of horse camps and took some horse lessons. Once she did a little growing up that passion kind of fell away to other things.
Now that I have younger girls at the house again the whole horse thing is in the picture  again. Each month I try to start a new literature read aloud. This month I chose Black Beauty and the girls are really enjoying the story.

I also checked out a bunch of books from the library about horses. A couple I actually had on my own shelf from the days of Grace's love of horses. I am rounding out this study with a lapbook from Hands of a Child. Just like Grace though, the girls are not real fond of cutting, pasting, etc. that goes into creating a lapbook. Luckily Hands of a Child also offers notebooking pages to use in place of the actual lapbook. This has worked out much better. We are taking each notebooking page and putting it in a folder for now. Toward the end of the study we plan on visiting a friend's home that has horses.

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