Friday, January 16, 2015

Some of My Favorite Online People - In Other Words - You Need to Check These Out

I have read many blogs over the years and met many wonderful online friends. Here are just a few of the blogs you should be reading. At least in my humble opinion.
Plain Joyful Living - Love their lifestyle and running a home family business.
Teachable Moments - Love this woman and her family. Her teaching philosophy has inspired me so many times and in so many ways. You really need to go back and read a lot of her older posts and then continue following with the current ones.
HomeSchool Girls - Grace and myself have so much in common with this family. We all love theatre and performing. Plus they live in the small town I grew up in.
Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers - Host of the Weekly Wrap Up. It is so much fun reading what other families are accomplishing in their homeschools each week.
See Jamie Blog - A fellow Georgian. I am drawn to her educating style and her heart for adoption.
Moments With Mother Culture - A must for all you Charlotte Mason lovers out there.
Fimby - This family inspires me to no end. Love their educating style and they took months off to hike the Appalachian Trail.
Little Earthling Blog - So much here it is hard to fit it in just a couple of sentences. Adoption, educating, a child with long term illness, and fun when the oldest daughter got married and moved to New Zealand.

Journey to Excellence - I can't believe I forgot to put this one down. Love this family. She was a fellow Crew member up until this year.
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Blog - I started out being a reader and lover of this magazine and then over the past three years a product reviewer.
I hope that some of you will find these blogs uplifting, informative, and just plain fun. I certainly have.


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LJS said...

Thank you! I feel some new philosophy posts coming. I keep pushing them down but they keep popping up in my head. I just fear that my older posts come across as judgmental and I don't want to slam public school, but I look at some of the things that kids I know and love are going through and I just wonder if this is really what "growing up" is all about. Anyway, thank you for mentioning me. I am so glad we have this blogging (and IG) community to get to know each other and learn from what each other has to offer.