Friday, December 26, 2014

When Christmas Doesn't Feel Like Christmas

The past two Christmas seasons have been odd for me. I do all the "stuff" that all other families are doing for Christmas, like parties, gatherings, performances - but Christmas just doesn't feel like it used to for me. I feel like I am just going through the motions. I think I know what it is going on, but it is still hard for me to adjust.
First off, I don't have young children any longer to purchase toys or play Santa. One child is nearly 25 and living on his own. The other is about to turn 16. Without young kids in the house it just isn't the same. A couple of years ago we started the tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve because quite frankly no one wanted to wake up early on Christmas morning and do it.
Second reason I think it didn't feel like Christmas this year is that we are not plugged in to a church family at the moment. The last 20 years has seen us going to candlelight services and the kids performing in Christmas plays, etc. at church - not this year. We are still trying to figure out where we belong at this point and it bleeds over into everything, including Christmas.
Don't get me wrong. I still enjoy being with my family and friends. We love to play games and just spend time together. The gatherings are great, but the Christmas Spirit so to speak wasn't with me and I miss it!


adailey said...

I know how you feel, Diane. It was a strange season for me as well. Thankfully, God's grace does not depend on our feelings, moods or holiday spirit!

Debbie said...

I just wrote a similar post this morning!

Although we were blessed to have some sweet family moments this year, everything just feels different.

Christmas has always been so much about having little kids, that when they grow up, it just seems different.

So, just know you're not alone!

Blessings for the New Year!

LJS said...

I have wondered myself why some years are filled with the spirit and other years are not. This year I really enjoyed the holiday and my husband was the one who was a bit blah.....(I blame work). It is interesting winding our way through changing family stages. The little stage is so different than this in-between stage and I'm sure when they are on their own it will be different still. I hope you find time to enjoy yourself and your family and just take comfort in your togetherness.

Mickeyzee said...

I don't think you're alone. We realized with a college student coming in late and 1 getting their wisdom teeth out, that shopping at the last minute wasn't fun, but more of a chore to celebrate a holiday the way it is "supposed" to be celebrated. We've decided it is our last year of doing Christmas in the traditional way. Hope you have a blessed rest of the holidays.

Karen said...

I understand this too. It is different when you don't have younger kids. But thankfully Keilee is always so excited about Christmas that it makes it easier for me to get into the Christmas spirit. We try to do some of the same things we did when she was younger. Read Christmas picture books, bake a lot, watch a lot of Christmas movies. Up until last year I even did Elf on the Shelf. That being said I am always so glad when it was over. I'm glad I saw your blog link on FB Diane. I didn't realize you were blogging again!! I'm so glad!