Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Funny To Share

A little backstory as to why this is so funny to us. Puppy is a stick fanatic and she is a Poodle to boot. Every time Scott goes out to work in the yard puppy is tearing down the door to get out there so that he will throw her sticks to chase. Our backyard is always littered with piles and piles of sticks. It has gotten so bad that during the day Puppy will not go down in the yard to do her business unless you throw a stick first for her to chase. Right outside our door is a container full of collected sticks just for that purpose.
Scott was going through some old newspapers last night to start a fire in the wood stove and he found the above comic. Stick on a stick for sale to dogs and a Poodle is the first in line. It was just hilarious to us.
Here is the culprit herself waiting at the fence line for Scott to throw her a stick.

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