Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Moving Right Along

This week things were pretty steady and normal. I did learn this week that I get to stay on with the TOS Review Crew for another year and that is very awesome. I love receiving and reviewing products - it like getting Christmas presents all year long. Normally I do a run down by the days of the week but this time I will do it by subjects:

Math - We are still plugging along through Math Essentials. This was a previous product through the review crew. Grace doesn't like math at all and what appealed to me most about Math Essentials is learning math concepts through 10 problems a day. Why make a child that absolutely despises math sit through 30 problems every day. For us it would have been torture. Anyway we are just about finished with this book which is all word problems along with built in daily review. This week has been all about percents. Surprisingly she understands the percents better than decimals. 

History - We finished up The Pilgrim Story this week and watched the virtual field trip to Plymouth, Mass. This was a great program and Grace really connected with it. Now we have started back with America the Beautiful and she is just reading through it. The only activity I am having her do is the timelines. Otherwise we are just discussing and making sure she understands everything that went on in the readings.

Science - This subject is always our worst planned for subject. When Grace was younger we really enjoyed all the Jeannie Fulbright books through Apologia. But she is just not ready yet for the full blown textbooks with the other Apologia science books. This week we finished up some experiments for a program we are reviewing. Also started back using a basic biology book Grace is reading and answering questions. 

Language Arts - Grace went to her beginner essay writing class on Thursday and learned she made an A on the previous week's paper. She was pretty excited about that, especially since she thinks she cannot write. Learning to outline and transfer it to a 5 paragraph paper. Also finished Island of the Blue Dolphins and started Fever 1793.

Independent Reading - Grace is all over the board on this one. We picked up three volumes of the Naruto series and she has read 1 1/2 volumes so far. Also about halfway through the first Harry Potter book and started another Warrior Cat series book. 

Read Aloud - We have two more chapter and will be finished with Michael Vey and the Rise of the Elgen. I ordered The Mark of Athena on Friday which will be our next read aloud as well as a book we are receiving from Vision Forum for a review. 

Extras - On Tuesday we attended co-op. Grace practiced scenes for The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. She also attended an art history class and finished up some mosiac tiles while learning about Roman history. Wednesday we went to the youth service group which is now called 4:12 ministries. The group finally finished all the research and decided on the services we will work on in the next few months. The services picked were helping with the local soup kitchen to provide and serve Thanksgiving dinner, volunteering at the animal shelter, and working with a teen girls home in the form of fellowship, games, etc. On Thursday it was back to co-op for choir and Grace was asked to join the tone chimes group since one of the girls had to drop out. Thursday night was a costume party for Acts of Faith. Friday was anime club then off to dinner then groceries. On a side note I started Weight Watchers on Thursday and it is going well.

I am joining Weekly Wrap Up. Go take a peek and see what other families did this past week.


Karen said...

Sounds like a great week Diane. I love reading all the things you do in your homeschool. YAY for Grace making an A on her essay. I wish we could come see "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"!! :) Happy Sunday!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Wow! You guys really do a lot. We loved Island of the Blue Dolphins and plan on getting to the Narnia series after we've finished the Prairie Primer. Have a wonderful day, oh and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :) God Bless, Jackie