Friday, October 12, 2012

The Week Where Something Was Going On Every Day

Some weeks are just super packed. This week was one of those. I guess I will go day by day and let you in on all the awesomeness. I'll start with last Friday:

Friday - Grace and a friend went to see the Wonderquest production of The Frog Prince. After the production we went to Burger King for lunch and ran some errands to a craft store and Party City.

Saturday - Up early in the morning to attend Camp Mikell for Acts of Faith retreat. Team building exercises all day as well as intensive drama practice. Afterwards the team came to our house for dinner and worship around the bonfire. I cooked tacos with all the fixings for 13 of us. I also walked/ran for 45 minutes this day.

Sunday - Up early again to attend worship with the youth team. Acts of Faith led the service with music and skits while Scott did something way out of his comfort zone and delivered a 20 minute message. After the service we had a potluck lunch and visited. Both me and Grace came home a took a nap.

Monday - Since no school happened on Friday we decided to take Monday off as well and call it Fall Break. Went to visit with some friends and had a wonderful afternoon. Walked 45 today too.

Tuesday - Back to the books with all the regular stuff plus 4 items we are reviewing for TOS. Currently our favorite new item that we are using is The Pilgrim Story. You can read my review here to see why we liked it so much.  In the afternoon was cooperative with art and drama.

Wednesday - School in the a.m. again. Grace has been working on waking up earlier and get school work accomplished mostly by lunch. This afternoon I led the first meeting of our Youth Service Group from 2 - 4. Thirteen students showed up for the meeting which was a few more than I expected. Lots of ideas where thrown around the table. Each student went home with an organization, etc. to research and in two weeks when we meet again we will decide on a name for our group and what type of service we wish to start. I came home after the meeting and rushed out to walk while hubby brought home pizza for dinner.

Thursday - More school work in the morning. Grace attended her writing class after lunch and then we both headed to cooperative for choir and puppetry arts. After cooperative Grace went to Acts of Faith practice. Next weekend is our first performance at Victory Home which is a men's home that battles addiction.

Friday - This brings us full circle to today. School work this morning, going on a walk in a few minutes and Grace will go off to spend the night with a friend tonight. Other than cleaning out the chicken coops tomorrow I plan on a lot of down time at home watching television and reading.

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Karen said...

Wow Diane! That is a busy week. I like weeks that move slower but ours always seem busy too. The retreat sounds wonderful. I love bonfires! Like I have told you before I love the "Acts of Faith". I would just love for Keilee to be involve in something like that. I hope your Saturday is relaxing and recharging! Happy weekend.