Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Took The Plunge

I would say most of my adult life I have battled the bulge. Especially after having babies. Instead of the elusive 10 pounds that will never go away, mine is the elusive 20-30 pounds. Last year I upped my exercise routine by joining Jazzercize and truly loved it. I know I lost some inches but any real weight. Because of our busy schedule it has become very hard to travel out to Jazz 3-4 times a week so for the past 6-8 weeks no Jazz just walking. Well because of my age and slowing down a bit I am literally putting on 1 pound a week and that has just got to stop. Also my daughter is not into exercising and loves to eat. I want to make a good impression in front of her and hope to start leading her down a healthy road. Here's the big announcement:

I joined Weight Watchers today!!!!!!!!!

This is a biggy for me. I need to get my eating under control. My biggest food culprits is chocolate, cookies, and fast food. I am using the online version of Weight Watchers Point Plus System. It is great that it will keep track of everything for me. My current weight is 175 with a height of only 5 feet and 1 inch. By there standards I should be down to about 136, but realistically I put my goal at 155. If I can reach 155 then I might try to go lower. Lots depends on how everything works out. I have no desire to be skinny, just healthy and able to fit back in to most of my clothing. Let's face it,  to lose 25 pounds is a big deal. 

So if my readers will please pray for me, that I can stay the course and have the will power to stay away from those pesky foods that are not good for me. I online program tracks my weight loss for me but every once in a while I might get on here too and do some tracking of my own.


Deb said...

Good for you, Diane. You are so brave to talk about this! Good luck!

Cinnamon said...

Hi Diane, Enjoyed seeing your comment on our blog the other day.

I could so relate to this post about battling the bulge!! This week I pulled out some pants for the winter. I bought them about 7 yrs ago. They are FINALLY too big for me :-) Woo-whooo!

My weight gain could be described like yours. I would work out like crazy and only GAIN weight :-/ Not fun nor motivating.

Then I would gain weight even if I was NOT overeating. Come to find out that if I eat gluten, even a little bit, I will gain weight rapidly.

If I eat food without gluten/dairy and even if I don't exercise I will not gain any weight at all.

I also feel much better not eating gluten/dairy.

It only took me 38 years for the Lord to bring me to that place.... 5 yrs ago!

Anyway...all that to say I can relate!

Thanks for stopping by~


Eddie said...

Diane, I've taken up jogging myself in the hopes of making some kind of a difference in my weight - NOTHING seems to shake it! So far all that's happened is I have seemingly permanent shinsplints, but I live in hope.

I think you'll probably love Weight Watchers. My mother in law joined about 10 years ago and lost 75 lbs- and kept it off. She said that it was easy to use and the support was really motivating.

Fran said...

Good luck with your diet Diane, I too battle with my weight and am trying to lose 45lbs before next July. Perhaps we can motivate one another xxx