Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Anime Character Creations By Grace

Grace is really enjoying creating new characters and coloring them with copic markers. Copic markers are THE marker to use with anime illustrations. Only problem is they run about 7.00 a piece. I know on ebay you can purchase sets for cheaper and for Christmas that is what we will be looking at, especially if she gets extra cash from grandparents. Until then we plan on purchasing one marker per week. Tonight Grace went on the copic website and wrote a list of all the colors she wants to purchase. Luckily where we hold our cooperative is an art store that carries the markers. So after I teach my art journaling class and Grace is in drama I take a short little walk down to the art store and purchase a coke, chocolate, and one copic marker. I figure in one year she will own 52 markers and we will put out only 7.00 a week to accomplish this goal. I know some folks would really balk about spending that kind of money, but this is her passion. She literally sits in her room and draws for hours and she is kind of good at it too. In order to do quality work you need quality supplies.


Deb said...

She IS good at it! And I think buying one every so often is smart. It will be easier to absorb that cost than shelling out $350 all at once.

Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

She is talented. I've never heard of that kind of marker.

It sounds like a fun Mom/daughter time, too.