Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

Since day before yesterday we have received torrential rains for about the last 24 hours and letting up some today. I am talking crazy kind of rain. Yesterday afternoon right before dinner we had a storm pass through that could of easily been something similar to a tornado. High winds, hail, etc. Very scary for about four minutes. Branches blown all over the place. My poor chickens and their coop. We use a litter system for the flooring and it is just drenched. I have been working with it all day today turning it over trying to get it to dry some, but it is not going to dry much until tomorrow when the sun decides to come out for a little while. I also have a chicken question for some of you chicken keepers out there. Our small Bantam has a curved upper beak. Just curious if chicken's beaks ever need to be clipped. Doesn't seem to be interfering with eating. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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