Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Practicing Still Lifes with Shadows

Grace started a 4 week drawing course yesterday. They worked on still lifes with shadowing. The middle picture is the one she did in class and the other two are her homework assignments from class. She really got in to it. So glad to see her drawing more than manga characters and cartooning.


The Zoo Keeper said...

She did a very good job with these! Of course she has a natural talent for drawing....wonder where that came from?

Chris said...

Your daughter is such a talented artist. Drawing, acting,....what else?

Karen said...

We're in an art class too, it's good for my boys because it is very process as opposed to product, and we are all learning art-type concepts, like perspective and negative space.

The drawings are lovely, my favorite is the pumpkin :-)

The Unsell Family said...

Those are very impressive!

Nikki said...

These are so pretty!

Annie Kate said...

What lovely drawings!

Thank you so much for your kind comment about my blog! I've really enjoyed visiting yours, as well, and I put you on my sidebar list of favorite blogs. :)

As for the draw, I'm not very comfortable participating in them (which is why I'm commenting here, not on the other post so as not to mix up your numbers LOL). We use Miquon, Key to, ALEKS, Singapore, Singapore NEM, Jacobs Geometry, and MathScore, but I've heard a lot of good about the Fred series.

Have a great week!


Annie Kate