Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fruit and Vegetables

In Grace's new Home Ec. course and Exploring Creation through Anatomy we are studying nutrition. In the Home Ec. course she was asked to keep a food journal and record everything she was eating for one meal each day. Once she started writing it down, she realized how much she was lacking in the fruit and vegetable department. So we made a deal to start eating better. Not to mention I have been watching some documentaries on Netflix about our food that are quite frankly disturbing. Last night I finished The Future of Food. I did not realize all the craziness that is going on with GMO and farming. Very scary stuff. So with all that in mind I went to our local produce store today. Nothing organic is available but better than a chain grocery store. I was able to find locally grown apples at a much cheaper price to boot. Local grown was .49 cents a pound and the other were anywhere from .99 - 1.39 a pound. Also was able to pick everything else from USA except for probably the bananas. So now we have plenty of bananas, apples, grapes, carrots, potatoes, cage free eggs, and lettuce to choose from. When we get paid this weekend going to buys some nuts and dried fruit to snack on also. On a side note Grace visited the podiatrist again today and had a small procedure. The doctor removed part of her nail in her big toe that was pushing into the skin, somewhat like an ingrown nail.


Deb said...

Have you seen King Corn? Talk about disturbing. One of my food goals is to be able to buy grass-fed organic beef and milk.

The Zoo Keeper said...

I started watching Food Matters last night.

Frances said...

We have watched a bunch of those food documentaries and, amazingly enough, it hasn't changed the way Hubby and I eat. LOL! I guess we are able to forget it shortly after watching.

But it is great that you are going to be eating more fruits and veggies. We love 'em at our house.