Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chillin With My Peeps

I've known for about a month that we needed to construct a day run for the chickens. They have doubled in size and now that they are maturing they tend to fuss a bit. The top photo is our baby, Bella. A little Bantam that is incredibly sweet, she is actually the oldest of everybody and not part of the clutch of six game hens.

This day run comes off the front of the coop and goes around the side and all the way to the back. We just let everyone out and they are having a grand old time. Lots of space to explore, scratch and catch bugs.


The Zoo Keeper said...

I see what you did today! We'll see you tonight!

The Zoo Keeper said...

I linked to your blog and put a picture of your cat on it!

Annie Kate said...

That looks like a big project! I remember when we made one for our chickens!

As for GMO companies, the best short term solution is to grow and make most of the things yourself. It's very empowering, teaches you a huge amount, and also connects you with 'real' life as opposed to the 'artificial' way of living that is so common.


Annie Kate